[ Kwisatz Haderach ]

photo of Kwisatz Haderach playing live
in concert, KFZ Marburg, Germany 02/10/2001

progressive no-future-rock

melancholic lyrics - no hope in sight

rock-solid melodies

all songs selfwritten (therapists please contact us)

Willkommen - Welcome - Bienvenue - Bienvenido - Serdecznie witamy - Sveiki atvyke

We are happy to welcome you at the official homepage of Kwisatz Haderach. We are a band from Marburg, Germany and are seeking to (musically) conquer the world. OK, we admit we are still some steps away from the charts, but we are trying hard and are very eager to perform our skills, talents and passions for you.
Can't stand the suspense? Then listen on right here.

:| concerts |:

...we are looking for them, even chasing them, playing them and sometimes we are screwing them up.
If you would still like to organize somthing for us - PLEASE!!! - (or have any questions, comments, praises, damnations and the like) feel free to contact us.

Where and when you can see and hear us next:

Where exactly?
9:00 pm
Ludwigstr. 16
35390 Gießen
9:00 pm
Gisselberger Str. 23
35037 Marburg

As you can see, this is a local tour. Sorry dear fans from Australia, Africa, America, the rest of Europe and last but not least our friends from the arctic continent, but your turn will come later...

:| the band |:

Our ages range from 16 to 42, so you can guess we're quite diverse in most aspects. But we all have in common an unusual love for music and a history of at least ten years of playing actively. Our peticular tastes however are still quite different which is being reflected in our music. Therefore it is hard to give a precise definition of our style. It's dangling somewhere between melancholic ballads and some kind of progressive, grunge and/or indie like rock, both with a distinctive tendency to melodical harmony.

::Karin Dehnert
vocals and guitar
age: 25

photo of Karin singing and playing the guitar

I've been playing the guitar for about ten years. Before that I also had a try on the flute with a success however quite close to sero. When I started singing I can't possibly tell, though I have a vague memory of non-stop-singing along with a smurf tape, so I guess it started rather early in my life. I even sang in a choir for a while from which however I didn't really profit - I still don't reach those high notes and I'm also still reluctant to believe that you cannot sing with a chewing gum in your mouth. I actively started playing my own music when I met the right people to join me, of whom Frank is the last one I still play with. As soon as I was able to play a small set of chords on my guitar I wrote my first song, that was in 1991, a love song with a very slimy melody and even worse lyrics.

Originally I was influenced mostly I think by The Beatles and Bob Dylan (the more traditional songwriting), while today I'm more into Nirvana, R.E.M., Guano Apes, Phish, Dover and many more. Actually everything up and down the scale from melancholic-depressive to hyper-heavy, just as long as it has got that certain something and for "solid melodies" I almost always have an open ear.

::Frank Reidel
guitar and keyboards
age: 25

photo of Frank playing the guitar

I have been making music with Karin for nearly ten years now. I started playing the guitar at the age of nine. Later I switched to the electric guitar, because I loathed the strictures of classical playing techniques. I also took lessons in classical piano for some years, but never showed any success in it. This was mainly because in never learned how to play directly from scales. I started to like my piano as soon as I quit all lessons and have been happily playing ever since. =)

It is hard for me to tell which songs and artists I like. I like about everything that is somehow different. Right now I listen to Moby, Kirsty MacColl, Peter Gabriel, Lolita No 18, Billy Joel, Prodigy and "Die Fantastischen Vier" (a german Hip Hop formation). My favourite guitar player is Mark Knopfler from dIRE sTRAITS. Even if I certainly don't play like him...

I am studying computer sciences at the University of Marburg, but all progress is slow. I am writing programs as a job and a hobby and I am wasting most of my spare time with role palying games and collectable card games.

::Tina Kuhn
keyboards, guitar and drums
age: 28

photo of Tina

Music has always been my life. When I was a little girl, I often went with my father, who played in a traditional weird band, to their gigs and danced and made some noises during the songs. Later on I did want to play personally the drums and the piano. As I finally succeeded in persuating my mom after 4 years I got a guitar when I was 10. (The money was just enough for a guitar and this instrument couldn't be played too loudly.) I became really ambitious.

From this moment on I played especially the classic-guitar and made more music than I listened to. When I was 13 I played for the forst time in a band, Heavy Metal! What a difference, but I thought it was great! Since then I've been playing in a lot of bands of different styles like Bigband or Folk and Acoustics to Rock and Hard Rock with a screaming e-guitar. I was always surrounded by most kind and very good musicians who tought me to play the e-bass, the drums and the keyboard. But I never really neglected my classic-guitar.

In Marburg I also give lessons for guitar. That's how I got to know Karin, who wanted a special touch for her guitar music. One day she brought along a CD of her band, which I liked very much. A bit later she asked me if I knew a drummer because her's was ill. Consequently I seized the moment and asked her if she was also satisifed with a non-professional. The next weeks were really cool. Finally a good band again! When Philipp returned I became a bit sad but as he obviously was the better drummer and it was great to play with him, my sadness didn't last very long. Furthermore I could stay to play keyboard as well as the guitar (with 2 songs of my own band) and if Philipp isn't able to play the drums I still love to take his part.

::Walter Pietzuch
age: 38

photo of Walter playing the bass

Walter's text ist still not translated.

:| contact |:

bandmail: kontakt@kwisatz-haderach.de

Karin Dehnert
phone: 06423 1569
email: karin@kwisatz-haderach.de
Walter Pietzuch
phone: 06420 822542
email: walter@kwisatz-haderach.de