[ Audio Samples ]

:| recent samples |:

Here are three of our songs. Each song is available as a short version of a lower quality and a long version of a higher quality, the latter of which needs more time to download. All files are MP3s in variable bitrate. The shorter versions are mono.

These are songs we still play and perform in our live concerts. They were recorded no longer than two years ago.

Recorded live at "Runder Baum", Marburg
low quality (369 kb)
high quality (3913 kb)
Paris is Lost
Recorded live at "KFZ", Marburg. The accoustics were a pain in the ass, but judge yourself...
low quality (331 kb)
high quality (3465 kb)
The Secret
low quality (339 kb)
high quality (4039 kb)

:| Live in Weidenhausen |:

In august 2001 we performed at an open air festival in Weidenhausen near Biedenkopf. The most remarkable thing about that was the fact, that the whole festival was broadcast live on Radio Unerhört Marburg. We also got a recording, that was quite good.

Beware! The songs are only available in high quality and thus can take quite long to download.

01 Immigrant
(4396 kb)
02 Glad to be Woman
(5626 kb)
03 Paris is Lost
(3809 kb)
04 Fields of Alfalfa
(3712 kb)
05 On Catfood
(3566 kb)
06 On the Ground
(3703 kb)
07 Alice in the Stone Woods
(4552 kb)
08 Sunsite Walker
(3916 kb)
09 Watermoon
(5159 kb)
10 Under the Moon
(3738 kb)
11 Pirate Love
(5598 kb)

:| from long-gone times |:

There was a time when we went through many different names. For a long time, we stayed with "Fairyland". We began as a band that was sponsored by our school, but started recording songs for our own pleasure. Most of the following songs are quite old. Some of them nearly ten years. We don't play them anymore, or play them in completely different arrangements.

Beware! The songs are only available in high quality and thus can take quite long to download. Even worse, some of these songs are rather strange...

These Songs were played not only by those that constitute Kwisatz Haderach today, but also the following friends: Britta Riesen (vocals, guitar and bass, wrote countless great songs), David Bienert (keyboard/organ), Alex Hofmann (drums and guitar), Mark Reidel (keyboard) and Stefan Kissel (guitar).

Leaves are turning blue
Recorded at Stafan's livingroom. We were trying to use a drum computer. Vocals: Britta and Karin, the solo guitar is played by Alex. =)
Leaves (2284 kb)
Captain Nemo killed me
Also recorded in Stefan's livingroom. Vocals: Karin and Britta, Keyboard: David, Additional Guitar: Stefan.
Captain Nemo (7109 kb)
Moonlite Street
Paris is Lost
Captain Nemo killed me
Recorded with some really good equipment. On this recording you can also hear Britta, Alex and David.
Moonlight (3960 kb)
Paris is Lost (3084 kb) Watermoon (2860 kb) Captain Nemo (5541 kb)
Recorded in a basement with only one guitar and a keyboard (Mark).
Phonecall (2876 kb)
Harmonize (2036 kb)
Veerrry old version. With only vocals, guitar and a completely crazed computer's soundcard. So brutal, that the vocals sometimes sound fragile.
Watermoon (4605 kb)