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[ She's a Sunside-Walker ]

© by Kwisatz Haderach 1996, words & music by Karin Dehnert

Verse 1

Air went out that night and now today
I found you were sleeping away
So lonely now I can't explain
I'll wake you! I'll wake you!


Martha caught me on the corridor
Smoked us high; she's one that I adore
She's a sunside-walker, well, I found
"Would you maybe like to come around?"

Verse 2

Air is colder now,like ice and bones
So frozen and ugly in soul
Not bright enough and now you're cold
I'll warm you! I'll warm you!


Verse 3

Childhood died that day and now tonight
I found you were shining too bright
A half grown up that took its flight
So bravely! So bravely!