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[ The Secret ]

© by Kwisatz Haderach 1998, words & music by Karin Dehnert

Verse 1

The raven in november rain
Grasped me by my life again
He's hurling sharply into time
A siren of the saddest kind

I want to know! I won't give in!
Howls the bird into the wind
The paler the month the stronger the woe
The larger the weight under the tongue


And the rain lures: It's time! Rest your soul for a while!
Let the weight of the veil just be taken away!

And as I cling to the word that shall never be heard
I am raging in vain - it's just November rain

Verse 2

The raven in the chilly wind
Slowly creeps under my skin
And as he's snarling in my vein
All of a sudden stops the rain

For once again he chased my mind
While lower the secret crouched inside
But grimmest darkness grasps my soul
Whenever the raven takes his toll