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[ Captain Nemo killed me ]

© by Kwisatz Haderach 1993, words by Britta Riesen, music by Karin Dehnert

Verse 1

Seven ships sail out of Pearl Harbor, I shout
I am a stoaway, on the blackest one I pray
I choke in a box where I am locked
I hear the dirges - they come out of the sea, ghost-birds


Screams and salt and what? It creeps down my back
A sweet and slowly singing
Sirens scream, scream, scream - Sirens down, down, drown
Captain Nemo killed me - Captain Nemo killed me
Captain Nemo killed me - Captain Nemo killed me

Verse 2

Seven cold white horse come out of the waves
My brain falls asleep, my body dances, heat
Sky is burning down - impossible but real
It's easy to be nice - feel good and excited, Nemo's face


Verse 3

Seven ghost-ships sail underwater, speed, I fail
What need I your gold? - I need air, sold
I touch this island, my fingers feel the sand
It pulls me down again - in the world's biggest mass grave, I think