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[ Verily Autumn ]

© by Kwisatz Haderach 1998, words & music by Karin Dehnert

Verse 1

what we have
is we're depending on
who we are
is where we're coming from

little is the reason won
as little as the reasons lost
there's nothing we can choose
that won't be lost in time

where and when will who be gone
death is a friend who did not come
why keeping still is easier
when you lean on me - lean on me - lean

Verse 2

we can judge
but we can't hide ourselves
we talked too much
to know that we were friends

simple is the world we've dreamed
much simpler than the world we fled
come and pick me up
where i have lost myself

i'm pushing along my years to you
forget what you've been going through
tragic is the world we knew
but we'll be alright - be alright - be


amnesia - you're fracturing the world
amnesia - autumn verily