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[ Anyway ]

© by Kwisatz Haderach 1996, words & music by Karin Dehnert

Verse 1

you and i
sitting, on a sunday afternoon,
in a fancy restaurant
killing time with sweet vermouth
i look into your eyes - no
i stare right through
and i wonder - have i ever talked to you?

Verse 2

you and i
on another sunday afternoon
time goes by
with a game of chess in the living room
your voice sounds familiar
but this place seems strange
is it really the same as yesterday?


and who am i and why are you here?
i think we met before though i'm not sure
i think my life is wild, but i can't recall
whether my time is gone or still to come
you and i we can have fun anyway

Verse 3

seek my world
to make me understand what has slipped
and seal my soul
to capture all these thoughts inside