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[ Alice in the stonewoods ]

© by Kwisatz Haderach 1994, words & music by Britta Riesen

Verse 1

Fever dreams in iron lead me to the place where
Alice killed her mother the ground is hard and cold,
the trees are made of stone around the frozen blood and bones.
In this peaceful land
never a man went.


Ask Alice where she went that morning,
ask Alice what she did.
Aks Alice where she got the knife from
Ask Alice why she stabbed,
ask Alice what she thought
when you found the corpse.
Ask Alice
The postman had his free day
that's why I come too late, Alice

Verse 2

I paint my strange desires slowly on the ground.
Blown in a whirlwind in speakless fear around.
You know she'll rather die than to confess
Je crains que sur cette planète
Y'a plus de rêves pour moi